Develop Your Identity

Define Your Future

IMPACT Israel offers a diverse set of presentations, tours and seminars in Israel. We teach you the skills to be prepared for tomorrow

IMPACT | Our Vision

Through our educational programs, participants explore why Israel and why Jewish are compelling values to embrace in the buffet of options in pursuing a meaningful life. Everyone will ultimately develop their own identities as they encounter Israel as an idea and value of the Jewish story.

Seminars and Workshops

Our educational seminars utilize multimedia and the most effective pedagogies for “one-off” learning led by an IMPACT Israel educator

Interactive Workshops

We provide interactive virtual modules to engage Jewish identity exploration, including discussions about Israel, with facilitation guides for educators

IMPACT | Our Guiding Principles

Reimagine Zionism

We will grapple with the meaning of Zionism and develop our own narative

Engage Complexities

Learners make their own choices, guided by their own meaning and values

Educate To Lead

We empower participants to lead conversations around Israel in their communities

Unity Not Uniformity

We seek to build leaders united in their commitment to Israel as a cornerstone of Jewish life




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