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DSA Game

Participants are challenged to engage with a dilemma or question before moving on to a different content area. Each DSA has three dilemmas related to the topic for the participant to resolve. For any information the participant may not know before, there is a help desk with links for participants to access the knowledge needed to succeed.

DSA: Can Israel Be Both Jewish & Democratic?

Israel’s Declaration of Independence, signed on May 14th, 1948, stated there would be a constitutional assembly in January 1949 to formulate the new country’s constitution. All this time later, it’s still never happened. Many people say it’s because the different groups in Israel couldn’t agree on what should be in the constitution. There are some politicians who are pushing for a constitution to finally be written. As an American, you’re considered an expert in constitutions because unlike Israel, your country has one. You are being asked to help the Israeli politicians decide what an Israeli constitution should look like.

DSA: The US-Israel Relationship

The United States Senate is holding a hearing on why the American government should restock Israel’s missile defense system, The Iron Dome. As part of this process, the Senators are seeking to understand not just why Iron Dome is an effective system, but why exactly are the United State and Israel such close allies. They have asked you as a young American Jew to weigh in on its importance. The hearing is today and you have less than an hour to prepare your remarks, so let’s get started!

DSA: Israeli Politics & Society

The political difficulties of the past few years in Israel have raised a serious question for pundits in the country, “Is the multi party system still the best political system for the needs of the Israeli people?” The Israeli President has asked for your advice on whether Israel’s current system maximizes representation and stability, or whether it should consider something else all together. To give the best recommendation, you will be confronted with some challenging dilemmas about the diversity of Israelis and their political system.

DSA: The Abraham Accords

There’s another Arab country that’s seeking to join the Abraham Accords, and join six Arab countries that have diplomatic relationships with Israel. A senior advisor to this Arab country’s leader has reached out to you as the Israeli Prime Minister’s consultant to discuss whether this is a good idea. She’s asked you if it is in fact a good idea to make peace with Israel and if it’s mutually beneficial for both sides. It’s up to you to advise this Arab leader’s advisor in the right direction so Israel can make peace with another Arab country.

DSA: Declaring Independence

Following the passing of the UN Partition Plan, the British have announced that their mandate over Palestine will end at 11:59 PM, May 14th, 1948. David Ben Gurion, the leader of the Jewish community in the land of Israel, does not have much time to put together everything he needs to establish a Jewish state. He has asked for the DSA’s help in solving dilemmas facing the Jewish community as it prepares to declare an independent nation state. Your mission is to evaluate what area is most important for him and his leadership team to focus on – politics & diplomacy, defense or values.




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