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IMPACT educates learners to negotiate between Israel and their civic and Jewish identities by exploring their meanings, conflicts, and points of integration. Through our educational programs, participants explore why Israel and why Jewish are compelling values to embrace in the buffet of options in pursuing a meaningful life. Everyone will ultimately develop their own identities as they encounter Israel as an idea and value of the long-running saga of the Jewish story.

Our educational vision is rooted in the following goals:

reimagine zionism

Learners will grapple with the meaning of various Zionist ideas and what they mean today, being challenged to develop their own Zionist narrative.

engage complexities

Wrestling with complexity is integral to any educational process. Learners come to autonomous choices, guided by their own meanings and values.

Unity not uniformity

We seek to build a "big tent" of leaders, while not uniform in their beliefs or opinions, are united in their commitment to Israel as a cornerstone of Jewish life.

educate to lead

With renewed understandings in how to relate to Israel, learners will be empowered to lead the "Israel conversation" in their communities.




For learners affiliated with schools, camps, youth groups, campus organizations and young adult leadership, our programs are tailored to the needs of each cohort. Organized, facilitated and managed by our team of seasoned Israel educators, we offer a diverse set of offerings of interactive presentations, tours and seminars in Israel, asynchronous content, and curriculum consultations.


Liel Zahavi-Asa

Liel is an American-born Israeli tour guide and Israel educator. Her educational works focuses on the “insights behind the sights”, delving into Israel’s complexity and political dilemmas. She is a teacher, lecturer and tour educator for leading Jewish educational organizations, including but not limited to Birthright Israel, Onward Israel, Masa Israel Journey, Makom Israel, and IMPACT Israel Education. Having served as the Director of Israel Educatoin and Engagement at Rutgers Hillel, Liel is an expert in educating about “The Israel Conversation” and campus issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Liel holds a BA in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University and an MA in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University.

Student Corner

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